Over the course of this semester we have under gone a wide variety of projects some which lasted weeks and the other several months, and overall i can say safely that i have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. With the semester starting off with the character JAM and ending with a game idea developed from a book and written as a games design document, i have learnt a number of skills that i 100% believe will benefit me come future projects. Nevertheless, although the project is now finished and the semester is coming to an end, there are a number of things that i wish i had done differently or elements that i wish i had finished. This mainly comes down to my time management as i had gravely underestimated the sheer scale of the GDD section of this semester, and the amount of work that was needed to complete it. However, to say that this was something i didn’t enjoy because of this small factor would be untrue, as even though stress levels were high and part of me didn’t think i would finish, i made a home run and finished in time for the deadline.

One of the main areas that initially worried me about this project was creating a game idea based off of a 1 of 10 books and short stories that were given to us at the beginning of the semester to read. This was because i was always worried that the idea that i came up with would either be too close to the book, or too close to either a TV show or game i wasn’t aware about. Needless to say, i feel that my game idea is far enough away from the book that its not a direct representation, but not too far that the link between the two is no longer visible. I feel like my game would be enjoyable to play if it were made, due to different design aspects within it, along with the basis being around ghosts and the paranormal, but there was still much more i would’ve liked to have done in terms of the games overall design. However, dwelling on what wasn’t done will get me nowhere, instead i am incredibly happy with what i have been able to accomplish.

My games pitch presentation was another area that i was fretting about, mainly due to the fact that i wasn’t sure on what to put into the power point or what i should talk about or include in terms of my game. However, many of the responses from members of my class were mostly positive, with many liking my environment design with many saying that it appeared natural and well thought out. As this was my main focus, i’m glad that people liked how it was represented as well as the models that i had made which also had positive feedback. Other areas of my game that people liked were the NPCs and the accompanying back story which some thought to be well designed, especially in terms of the Shadow Beings which some liked the design of as well as mentioning that they looked spooky which is something i was definitely aiming for. The final element of my game which one person brought up was surrounding the mechanics, in which they said they were ‘clear and well explained’, which i was happy to hear as i didn’t want them to be pointless.

However, with all the positive feedback came a few pointers which i have definitely taken on board and apply to my game if the project was continuing. These consisted of people mentioning that a lot of the aspects within the game were left to chance, which i can only assume is a reference to which shadow person the player will follow, and this is something i can completely agree with. Others were focused more on the narrative element of the game, in which one person stated that it could be better thought out, with another wondering if there was an overarching story line with multiple endings. Although i personally don’t see a problem with the narrative, i can appreciate where they’re coming from, and if i had more time these would definitely be areas that i would look into further to ensure that the narrative was just as interesting as the actual gameplay.

In conclusion, this was definitely a project and semester that i thoroughly enjoyed, and learn many new skills from in terms of planning, 3D modelling and character creation which was definitely an area that i was previously struggling with. The response for my game was mostly positive with many feeling that it was a good concept and that it would be interesting to create. In terms of the points that were raised regarding different aspects of the game, if i had more time or the project was continuing, these would definitely be areas that i would look into and explore, to see how i could apply it to my game rather than dismissing it completely. I look forward to seeing who’s game will be picked for the vertical slice creation in the next semester, and am ready to get back to work.