The Lens of Inherent Interest:

  1. What aspects of my game will capture the interest of the player immediately?

My game will include elements surrounding the supernatural world i.e. ghosts, spirits and other evil entities as this is a genre of horror games which is rarely seen in the industry as they usually consist of monsters and other possessed beings.

  1. Does my game let the players see of do something they have never seen or done before?

No as most of the elements within my game have been done before in one way or another, however the experience itself might be something they haven’t done/ been through.

  1. What base instincts does my game appeal to? Can it appeal to more of them?

One of the most prominent basic human instincts which my game with almost definitely provoke is the sense of fear due to the environment and atmosphere of the game itself. The other baser instincts might be more difficult to appeal to within the walls of this game due to the concept.

  1. What higher instincts does my game appeal to? Can it appeal to more of those?

The game itself will thrive on the baser instincts of the player as it plays on the animalistic trait of fearing unknown places and trying to prepare for an attack or something out of the ordinary.

  1. Does dramatic change and anticipation of dramatic change happen in my game? How can it be more dramatic?

Dramatic change in my game would most likely come in the form of small or large jump scares which intend to either raise their levels of wariness and fear or make them jump completely. I feel that trying to make this dramatic change more dramatic might in turn deplete the atmosphere I’m looking to create as too many and they might become predictable and players would be able to prepare for them.


The Lens of Beauty:

  1. What elements make up my game? How can each one be more beautiful?

With the overall environment of my game there won’t be many aspects within the game which would render it beautiful in the normal sense such as landscapes, sunrises and flowers. In my game, the ‘beautiful’ elements might be the dimmed lighting and any dust or air particles to add to the atmospherics of the game alongside the overall environment that it is based.

  1. Some things are not beautiful in themselves, but are beautiful in combination. How can the elements of my game be composed in a way that is poetic and beautiful?

One of the core elements of my game will be the fact that it is dimly lit and so some objects might be difficult to see or make out clearly, and with a game based around paranormal figures and beings an odd shape in the distance might be something dangerous. It’s this with the idea that nothing is ever as it seems is one of the main ideas around my game, and how players might try to avoid it completely only to realise its harmfulness.

  1. What does beauty mean within the context of my game?

As previously mentioned, beauty within my game might come in the form of the overall environment regarding all of the aspects within it such as the lighting, air particles and map design.


The Lens of Projection:

  1. What is there in my game that players can relate to? What else can I add?

An area in which I believe most if not all players will be able to relate to is the idea of seeing something in the dark that couldn’t be explained, or perhaps a noise that seemed to come from nothing, or from an empty area. With regards to paranormal activity, many of the things that would accompany the experience would rely on the person being there personally as they include elements like being touched or cold spots.

  1. What is there in my game that will capture a player’s imagination? What else can I add?

A possible aspect that might capture the players imagination would be trying to identify what a shape in the distance might be before eventually coming up to it, as a way of keeping themselves occupied from overthinking and making their response worse. Another area might be along similar lines in regards to why the university is filled with ghosts, and other beings and reasons as to why they are there and what they want.

  1. Are there places in the game that players have always wanted to visit?

Most of the locations within the game wouldn’t be on the typical bucket list as it would simply be a university campus with the different departmental buildings, so unless the player saw a future of being at a university I don’t think it be a location that they ‘always’ wanted to visit.

  1. Does the player get to be the character they could imagine themselves to be?

This question might be difficult as it would depend on the type of character the player would want to be. I say this in relation to the type of game as in Skyrim it would be a warrior/ adventurer. With my game, it would mainly be would they want to be the type of person who can keep calm in a tense situation or perhaps walk towards strange noises in a dark place.

  1. Are there other characters in the game that the players would be interested to meet (or to spy on)?

Unless those characters happen to be paranormal beings I doubt that anyone would want to willingly meet them or spy on them in real life, especially when one of the characters/ beings being highly predatory and evil. However, the other being acts as a type of guardian to the player so that might be the character that they might like to meet.

  1. Do the players get to do things that they would like to do in real life, but can’t?

One of the main things that they might not be able to do in real life would be to explore a haunted location late at night or perhaps have the experience of being locked inside a familiar location.

  1. Is there an activity in the game that once a player starts doing, it is hard to stop?

The only activity within the game would be to explore the location in which the player is located in, and perhaps try and solve why the ghosts are there and what they want, as with a compelling story and game it would be difficult for the player to stop playing. This is the type of game that I hope to create, one in which the player will want to play the entire way through in order to get the best experience.