With the final scenario of my game set and decided upon, I felt it necessary to explore the areas surrounding supernatural beings, to allow me to gain a better understanding of the different types, why they exist and how I could implement them into my game. I also looked into them because the only type of ghost that was a definite within my game was a shadow person, and everything revolved around them, causing the game to feel underdone and empty. Not only this, but after the first feedback sessions for our game idea, there were multiple areas within my game that didn’t match up, resulting in loop holes that threatened the integrity of it. This was mainly surrounding why are there ghosts within my game to begin, why the shadow beings are there and why no one woke him up.

Different Types of Ghosts:

With my first research area, I decided to look into the different types of ghosts many believe to exist, how they differ from one another and the actions or appearances they are know to take. The first was regarded as being the most rare, a full body manifestation, which is believed by many to be the holy grail in terms of evidence that ghosts exist. This type of ghost formation is where the ghost present is completely visible as a person, rather than appearing as a slightly transparent object. It goes hand-in-hand with a residual historical haunting which is essentially a normal manifestation increased tenfold, to a degree where entire scenes are being played in front of the viewer. One of the other and most common form of ghosts is a mental imprint manifestation, which occurs primarily after a traumatic death such as a murder, rape or execution. This is believed to result in an imprint of the victims energy being left at the location which is usually an old building rather than a newly built one, however this entirely dependant on what happened at the location.

woman's ghost
Image taken from: https://www.today.com/health/have-you-seen-ghost-there-are-medical-reasons-t104377 on 14/01/2018

Why do ghosts haunt certain locations?

There are believed to be a multitude of different reasons with the most common being that they have unfinished business, this could be in response to them being a victim of a crime or having loved ones who are still alive and they wish to protect. However, what they consider to be unfinished business might be entirely out of their control, resulting in the spirit being trapped on earth forever with the inability to move on a rest. Other beliefs surround the idea that some are hesitant towards the idea of having some judge them and either send them to paradise of hell is something many wish to prolong. This is especially evident for those who haven’t lived the best of lives or even those who have, only to find out that they didn’t meet the mark. Alongside this, the afterlife might even be an incredibly confusing place much like how it was portrayed in the film Beetlejuice, where it is a series of events without any inclination on what they should do next. All of a sudden being thrown into this reality might cause them to deny the fact that they are actually dead, and instead they decide to stay in a world they are familiar with rather than learn the laws of another.

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The last two go hand in hand as they are both associated with emotional energy either towards a location or emanating from a particular location. This could be due to the location being a childhood home that they grew up in, or possibly a previous home that housed many positive memories that the person wishes to reminisce and relive rather than move on. It could also have been the sight such as a prison, psychiatric hospital or general hospital, and due to the immense number of people that pass through locations such as theses in a lifetime the emotional energy of the place is bound to be high. This could cause all types of beings to appear and attempt to absorb the energy to make it easier for them to manifest, which has been believed to be a sign of ghosts with the appearance of cold spots from this very reason.

Image taken from: https://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/news/features/2015/150120-surprising-energy-sources.html on 14/01/2018

Why do people see ghosts?

Some of the main reasons as to why a person might be able to see ghosts, revolve around two possibilities which can be a result of both isolation as well as being a type of psychic or medium who is able to communicate with the spirit world. The first being the result of being in an extreme situation or environment as well as being accompanied by high levels of stress, which could initiate a fight or flight type response. This could be brought on by seeing a loved one or familiar face which give the person advice on how to get through their current situation, as well as the final push that they need to get through it.

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The other, it within the realms of psychics or mediums which are known for being able to see and communicate with loved ones or individuals from ‘the other side’, almost acting as a type of representative for whoever they’re communicating with. This could also link in with being able to sense the presence of a being as well as their intentions, as seen in many paranormal horror films such as Insidious. They are primarily used as a way of extracting information that would otherwise go unknown to ordinary people, which is why they are sometimes used with murder cases where evidence is minimal.

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Why would someone be left behind?

With regards as to why a person might be left behind in a certain location, 9 times out of 10 its down to human error, and the lack of ensuring that every area of the building being locked up is clear of people. This has happened multiple times where customer assistants and security fail to do this aspect of their job, however it’s not always due to negligence or lack of duty but by failures from the other side as well. Mainly in response to customers who may not have realised that the building was closing and perhaps didn’t hear any type of tannoy  from members of staff calling for people to leave. However, sometimes it’s not always down to human error, but instead it could also be a result of certain customers purposely hiding from members of staff and security. Some do this as a type of challenge seen across social media, where people go to large stores and hollow the inside of the display rack and fill it with different objects and wait for the store to close for members of staff to find. In every case with this aspect, staying behind when a store is closing is completely voluntary, even if this type of challenge is particularly strange.

Image taken from: http://www.topmbacoaching.com/hiding-from-managers-can-increase-your-productivity/ on 14/01/2018

Affects on surrounding environment and humans:

The effects that ghosts are believed to have on the surrounding environment is vast and usually narrows down to electromagnetic fields which is believed by many to be a sign of a paranormal presence in the area. However, these readings are superficial and can only be documented using highly sensitive equipment as the field generated by a single ghost is minuscule and barely noticeable. Nevertheless, with a large amount of paranormal beings being drawn to an area of high emotional energy, could result in the combined electromagnetic fields being strong enough to interfere with the surrounding environment. This then lead me to see if a electromagnetic field could possible stop the flow of an electrical current within a wire, therefore preventing certain pieces of equipment from receiving electricity. I found that if the field is strong enough, it it can disrupt the flow of electricity within the wire to a point where it slows down or stops completely. In either case, a lack of electricity to a machine will mean that it isn’t getting enough power to function properly and will no longer work, and if it the flow stops completely, heat could build up and melt the wire causing electricity to stop completely.

Image taken from: https://www.symmetrymagazine.org/article/july-2013/real-talk-everything-is-made-of-fields on 14/01/2018

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