The Environment within Spectral will consist of four game areas that player will be able to go to and explore, however this won’t all be at the same time like a free-roam gameworld, but rather a progressive environment. This is due to the overall aim of the game which is to find your friend and an alternate exit as opposed to staying in the library until morning. Each floor will play a role within the game, although they will appear similar, the atmosphere surrounding each floor will get slightly more tense due to this reason.


The library is the starting section of the game and will be the first location that the player is able to explore and interact. It will be the area of the game where nothing paranormal will happen as a way of allowing the player to come to grips with the controls as well as test out the interactive mechanics to find their full range of use before they explore other areas of the game. Within the library, there will be a wide variety of objects and pieces of furniture, that will indicate to the player that it’s a type of library, which will consist of:

  • *Bookcases (Straight a& Right Angle)
  • Tables (Rectangle, Circular & Coffee)
  • Chairs (Sofa, Cushion, *Office & *Stacking Style)
  • Lamps
  • Main Reception Desk
  • *Doors
  • Printers

* Shows which objects are able to be interacted with by the player character.


“All Chairs, Lights, Computers, Printers  & Door Handles were taken from Google Sketchup Warehouse”

Second Floor:

The second floor area is be the first section of the game to portray paranormal phenomenon, with the ghost being portrayed here falling into the Mental Imprint Manifestation category. These ghosts will carry out actions repeatedly such as banging on the surrounding environment as well as opening and closing many of the doors on this floor, however this will be before the player gets the chance to open it or it closing behind them. The floor is aimed to raise the tension in the player as the environment is making noises but before that there was no inclination that there was anything paranormal going on, thanks to the first section. All of the rooms in this section will be openable by the player and will be full of tables and chairs much like those located within the library section of the game. Other much larger rooms like the lecture theatres will have a slight incline to allow each row to see the screen, as well as having chairs with small desks for students to write on. This will also be the floor in which the player will find their friend who is now dead for unknown reasons, and the game now becomes about trying to leave the university quickly.

Second Floor.png

Third Floor:

This is the floor where the player will truly be shown the scale of the paranormal phenomenon within the school, as here is where they are introduced to residual haunting manifestations of the doctors, nurses Third Floor Section.pngand patients that occupied the location during the Second World War. Here these ghosts will carry out their normal routine which includes doctors & nurses helping patients walk, talking to members of staff and nurses carrying trays of food, medicine and other medical equipment. Although the ghosts are carrying out their normal routine, they will not acknowledge the player until they are passing through them which is when slurs such as “you shouldn’t be here” and “run” begin to be said. Alongside this aspect, the player is also introduced to the two Shadow Beings that will stand at either end of the corridor, one to the players left after the stairs and the other directly ahead. The player will have to follow one of them, and the continuation of this will either result in the players death, or the progression to the next floor.

First Floor:

After the events on the third floor, the player will start this floor with a final decision that will determine how the game ends for them, death or escape. Here the floor is much smaller than the previous sections, and will lead the player down to a ‘T’ junction, in which the two shadow beings from the previous floor will be waiting for them. This will be the floor where any tension created from the previous floors will dissipate, resulting in it being much calmer allowing the player to make the necessary decision to end the game.

First Floor Section.png