Design Goals:

  • Force the player into a state where they are unsure as to which shadow person they should ‘follow’ in certain elements of the game where that choice needs to be made, as well as the possible outcomes for this decision.
  • Make a game that is fun to play but is also scary and causes the player to be afraid as well as cautious/ nervous throughout their play-through due to jump scares and not know what is going to be around each corner.
  • To create mechanics that are simple to use and feel like they have a place and a use within this game-world rather than being there for convenience.
  • NPCs that scary at first and others that are peaceful but at the same time abnormal and alarming due to the neglection of the player at first and then slowly beginning to recognise them to throw them off guard.

Major Focus: Environment Design

The major focus for my Games Design Document will be on the environment which the game will be played in, and will contain the locations that the player will progress through and explore throughout their play-through. I will aim to create an environment which is pleasing to look at and would also serves as a functional space if it were to be applied to a working environment rather than just a game scene. Alongside this, I will also follow on from the previous bullet points, and design the environment so that there will be instance where a choice will need to be made as to which direction the player takes and which being they should trust. This will be accompanied by a floor-plan that mirrors what I’m aiming to achieve, in a sense of having clean floor plans that have straight corridors rather than curved sections.

Minor Focus: Character/ NPC Design

The minor focus for my Games Design Document will be aimed at at the creation of the NPCs that will feature in my game such as the ghosts and shadow people that will roam the corridors during the twilight hours. With the history of the university including having once been used as a military hospital during the 1940s, this will be the era that I will base my designs off of and will therefore look at the typical attire of both male and females in the workplace. I will also look at the types of gowns/ pyjamas that the patients would’ve worn as well as the types of injuries they would’ve sustained and equipment such as crutches & wheelchairs in order to keep the designs consistent with what was worn and used at the time.