Introduction to Blog and where to find things


‘A first person horror game surrounding a character locked inside a university library overnight with his friend unaccounted for. Explore the surrounding floors and rooms to find his friend but beware, ghosts and other mysterious shadowy beings roam the hallways. One is evil, the others is trying to help.’ 

Blog Menus:

Summer Project: where we were tasked with deconstructing three games into the elements that would’ve made up the original games design document.

Tasked Reading: the elements extracted from books and short stories that were given to us as apart of our GDD project.

JAMS: containing all of the JAMS and their outcomes that were completed during the first 5 weeks into the course, as well as my overall conclusion about them.

IBM: which ran on the 6th week of the course over three days where those who signed up had to create a game for IBM using their Watson API as a voice activated feature.

JAM Outcome: All of the JAM overview and conclusions about what i thought and learned from the JAMS as well as the final outcomes that were created during these weeks.

Research & Ideation: Drop down menu containing the reasons behind the choice of my base book (The Variable Man), as well as elements that were extracted from it and the possible research avenues it would create. It also contains elements of research into my chosen idea surrounding ghost and why they exist, haunt and the affects they have on the surrounding environment, as well as NPC and environmental designs that would feature in the final game.

Games Design Document (GDD):  This page contains the entirety of my GDD surrounding my game idea Spectral and all relevant information such as its overview, narrative, game play and mechanics through prototypes). Also containing my Major and Minor focuses, Environmental design and Character/ NPC creation.